The World Juniors tournaments have been around for quite a long time. The first official tournament for the game was held back in the year 1977 but prior to this, the first three tournaments did take place in the year 1974, 1975 and 1976 and they were held unofficially.

Commonly known simply as the world juniors, the tournaments are organized by the international ice hockey federation for under 20 ice hockey players for nations all over the world.

The main tournaments mainly focus on the top division or rather the 10 best teams and it is either of these teams that the World Junior champions are crowned. This, however, does not mean that there are no other teams but it means that only the best qualifying teams get to the top division while the rest play in either the first, second or third division in different tournaments.

IIHF World Juniors Championship award

A team that is in a lower pool can play better to be promoted to a higher pool or if the odds are not in the team’s favor, it may, on the other hand, face relegation and be brought down to a lower pool.

At the end of the world junior tournaments, there are winnings awarded for the teams in the top division which is what we will also be looking into today.

The Bronze Award

The bronze medalists in the world junior championship tournaments are normally the one with the least value of all the winnings than any team in the top division can walk home with. The 2017-2018 tournaments, for instance, USA got the bronze win in their match against the Czech Republic.

The Silver Award

The silver award is the second most valuable award a team in the world series tournaments could walk home with. In the 2018 games, Sweden took home the silver win and this was their 11thwin.

The Gold Award

Finally, the gold award is given to the best emerging team in the top division. Over the years, the tournament has been dominated by the Canadian team and the Soviet Union but even so, Canada has accounted for the most gold winnings with a medal count of 17 golds while the Soviets have 13 golds

The player awards

In addition to the above 3 mentioned awards for the teams, there are also the player awards come to the end of the world junior tournaments.

These awards are for the best Goalie, the best defenseman and the best forward and they are all selected from the teams in the top division alone. For the year 2018 and the 2 previous years before that, the best goalie was from the Sweden team and the same goes for the best defenseman. As for the best forward, the united states team produced the best player.


There you have it, in order to have either of the winnings, a team has to put in a lot of commitment and more so, the players have to qualify to play in the world juniors tournament as well which might be really steep to meet especially considering they have to be only 20 years of age.

IIHF World Juniors Championship Awards
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