For hockey enthusiasts from all over the world, it is finally that time of the year. With the dawn of the festive season, there’s yet more to look forward to this year as far as sports are concerned.

Come the 26th of December, the World Junior ice hockey championship games are going to commence and they’ll all be held in Canada in either of two locations- either the Vancouver B.C or the Victoria B.C. As much a fun as you may be, you may probably not have all the details regarding the teams that are going to take part in the game and that’s where we come in.

By the time we’re done with this article, you’ll have everything you need to know about the participating teams. So, with that out of the woods, let’s head on to the main agenda and see what we’ll be getting from boxing day to the 5th of January.

How many teams will be participating in the games?

World juniors 2019- The participating teams

As much as the world junior hockey games haves have been in preparation for quite a long time, there will only be 10 teams participating in the game as from 26thDecember. Even so, there’s a lot of interesting things to look forward too.

That’s not all…

All these different teams have got history besides just Canada and their USA rivals. The teams basically include Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, and Switzerland.

The matches have been scheduled so far up to the 31st of December and the matches are divided into two- group A and group B.

For the group A teams, we’ll be having the defending championships, Canada then there’s Denmark, Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic.

For the Group B teams, we’ll be having team USA, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Finland, and Slovakia.

That being said, it’s time to have a look at which matches will be played, when they will be played and where they will be played. Before we get into all that, however, I’d recommend that you be really keen on the time zones since the games will be aired live with regard to Pacific time on all the official streaming options.

Tune in to whichever device you prefer to watch the games on when this day comes at the right time- this is a chance of a lifetime that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The group A teams

The first match in the group games will be the Czech Republic vs Switzerland and it will take place in the Rodgers area, Vancouver B.C. This match goes down at 13.00.

Whereas the Czech Republic and Switzerland will commence the Vancouver matches and break in the Rodgers arena, we’ll be having the defending champions defend their title later on in the day ad 17.00 on yet the same arena against Denmark.

Come 27th December, the third match will be Russia vs Denmark which is an anticipated match for most taking into account the positive trend of Denmark and the prowess of the Russian team.

We’ll only be having one match coming 28th December and this will be the Czech Republic face off against the biggest rivals of the defending championships- Russia.

Denmark vs Switzerland will go down in the Rodgers arena come 29th December and later on this day at 17.00, we’ll have the defending champions face the Czech Republic which is quite an amazing build-up to the finals, isn’t it?

Come 30th December, we’ll be having Switzerland vs Denmark match go down in the Rodgers arena at 17.00. There will be no other matches this day but the most awaited matches will go down on the 31st of December as we close off the year.

Ending the group A stage games on the 31st of December, we’ll be having Denmark vs Czech Republic match which will take place in the Rodgers arena and will commence on 13.00. Later on in this day, one of the most awaited matches of this season of Russia against the defending champions, Canada will be in the Rodgers arena at 17.00.

The group B teams

At 15.30, the first match breaking in the Save-On-Foods Memorial Center will be the united states against Slovakia and this will start off at 15.30. Thereafter, at the same stadium on the same day, we’re set to watch the Finland vs. Sweden game which will start at 19.30.

Come the 27th of December, we’ll be sitting in the Slovakia match against Sweden that will be in the Save-On-Foods Memorial Center at 15.30. Later on, to close off the day, Finland will be playing against Kazakhstan at the same venue at 19.30.

Come the 28th of December, Kazakhstan will be facing the united states at 19.30.

Slovakia and Finland will then face each other at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Center and the match will commence at 15.30. Sweden and USA, on the other hand, will play against each other at the same venue starting 19.30

At the second last day of the game, we’ll be having Kazakhstan play against Slovakia and this match will commence at 19.30.

The final scheduled match to close off the year will be Sweden against Kazakhstan which will start at 15.30 and later on in the day, we’ll have the USA vs. Finland match. Both of these will be held at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Center.

Depending on the outcomes of the above matches, we’ll be having the semifinals, quarterfinals and the finals scheduled to be on the 2nd, 4th and 5th of December. The best teams from either group will be facing each other and these are going to be pretty tough matches.

Final verdict

We’ve had quite a good look at the teams that are going to participate in the games as from 26th December and now it lies upon you to either book the tickets on time or alternatively find the best way to stream the game.

Now, as much as we’ve given you the breakdown of the playing teams, it is still a good idea to tune in to TNS just in case there are any updates on the team lineups.

Lastly, do pay attention to when the games will be played since they’re all scheduled to play with regard to Pacific time. May the best team win.

World juniors 2019- The participating teams
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